A Study on the Health Factors of Infant and Child Mortality in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Type Journal Article - Asian Journal of Medical Sciences
Title A Study on the Health Factors of Infant and Child Mortality in Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Volume 1
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Page numbers 82-87
URL http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Nazrul_Mondal/publication/41530762_A_Study_on_the_Health_Factors​_of_Infant_and_Child_Mortality_in_Rajshahi_Bangladesh/links/02e7e51a02e6b48c2e000000.pdf
The aim of this study is to identify the important health factors that influen ced in fant an d child mor tality in Rajshahi dist rict , Bangladesh. Data have been coll ected t hrough a st ructur ed questi onnaire under a projec t of UNFPA, using purpos ive sampli ng techni que. Well known stat ist ical tools chi-s quare ( P 2 ) test, and logistic regres sio n ar e used to a nalyze the data. The study r esults reveal that health rela ted var iable s such as immunizati on practi ces , tr eatment f acil iti es, del ivery s ystems, and regul ar checkup of mothers and babies healt h conditi on among a set of select ed vari ables which a ffect infant and chil d mortal ity. The P 2-tes t res ult i mplies that immunizati on pract ices and mot her’s and chil dren’s healt h checkup, place of mater nal del ivery a nd place of trea tment ar e signi ficant ly associ ated wit h infant and c hild m ortality. M ultivariate analysis result s are also confir med the same r esult as seen i n P 2 test eva luation . It i s evident from the study t hat t he chil d had 62.50% lower ri sk of deat h who were immunized than that of who were never immunized, and also the ris k of inf ant mor tality was 95.10% lower among those who had t o take t heir t reatment from a speci alis t doct or. Ther efore, we should gi ve attention to the ex pan sion o f pub lic health system in order to reduc e the risk of infan t and c hild mortal ity in Bangladesh.

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