Sanitation marketing in Cambodia

Type Journal Article - Waterlines
Title Sanitation marketing in Cambodia
Volume 30
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 21-40
Concerns about enduring low rural sanitation coverage figures in Cambodia
prompted a series of studies providing insight into overall sector performance,
sanitation demand and existing supply chains. Findings from the
research led to the formulation of a sanitation marketing pilot aiming to
make affordable, desirable latrines available through market channels.
Option design, contractor training, awareness raising and marketing are the
main components of the programme, implemented in two provinces. To date
(22 months since inception) the project has resulted in a branded, low-cost
pour-flush latrine sold by trained suppliers, who have sold more than 7,400
units. Planned next steps include expanding technology choices (still lower
costs, and/or suitable for challenging physical circumstances), developing
stronger linkages with micro-credit schemes and developing approaches for
scaling up the approach.

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