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Type Thesis or Dissertation - PhD thesis
Title High-Value Agriculture Products in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study on Agro-Business Opportunities and Constraints
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://repository.library.du.ac.bd/xmlui/bitstream/handle/123456789/745/Syed Abul Kalam​Azad.pdf?sequence=1
The agricultural economy of Bangladesh is heavily dependent on rice. Almost three- quarters of total cropped land in Bangladesh are devoted to paddy cultivation and per
capita rice consumption is one of the highest in the world. Food grain consumption
for an average person has stabilized over time at about 160 and 180 kg/person/ year in
urban and rural areas respectively. Rice is the main food grain product while wheat
makes up just 2 percent and 6 percent of the total food grain consumption (urban and
rural respectively). Rice is important in the consumption basket of poor and rich
alike; the poorest quintile consumes 139 and 146 kg of rice per capita in urban and
rural areas respectively (BBS 2012). Several important changes have taken place-and
continue to take place-in the domestic agricultural markets of Bangladesh.

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