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Type Report
Title Report on Sector Review on Migration Statistics in the Republic of Armenia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://www.armstat.am/file/doc/99492303.pdf
The legal framework for producing statistics, where the Law on State Statistics3
is core and the organisation of the statistical system in the Republic of Armenia facilitate
NSSRA’s professional independence. It gives the NSSRA a strong and clear mandate for
collecting data, including obtaining data from administrative sources. The legislation
regulating mid-term and annual statistical work programmes of the NSSRA, together
with the specific legislation on the population census and on data collection for
administrative purposes by authorities other than NSSRA gives the NSSRA a good
legislative basis for collecting and obtaining data from existing administrative sources as
well as for the compilation of migration and international protection statistics.
11. The NSSRA is aware of the lack of migration statistics in the Republic of Armenia
between population censuses and a considerable need for these data (on national and
international level).Therefore, the NSSRA has established close co-operation with
relevant international bodies in the past decade. This co-operation has resulted in several
surveys providing users with basic migration statistics.

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