Cancer Prevention and Care: A National Sample from Jordan

Type Journal Article - Journal of Cancer Education
Title Cancer Prevention and Care: A National Sample from Jordan
Volume 30
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 301-311
This survey was designed to enhance cancer prevention and care in a sample from the Arab world. A descriptive survey research design was adopted. A representative sample of 3,196 individuals from the three main regions of Jordan (north, middle, and south) was used. Data were collected through interviews. The tool for the study included the following aspects: identification and background information; health status; participant’s lifestyle; general beliefs about cancer prevention; screening and early detection; and communication channels and seeking information about cancer. The participants believed that the three greatest factors related to cancer specifically in Jordan were active cigarette smoking, exposure to radiation, and exposure to chemicals. The majority of the participants agreed that getting regular cancer checkup helps diagnose the disease early with a good prognosis. Interestingly, cancer checkup was about seven times greater among females than males. Married individuals performed checkup four times more than singles. The findings indicate that knowledge gaps and improper practices toward cancer existed among the participants and, if corrected, could facilitate the care, prevention, and early detection of cancer. The findings help in defining key areas that should be addressed in national cancer policies in Jordan.

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