Measuring spatial migration focusing in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Type Journal Article - ESTEEM Academic Journal
Title Measuring spatial migration focusing in Klang Valley, Malaysia
Volume 10
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 83-97
Internal migration is one of the crucial urban phenomena that affects physical,
economic and social aspects of urban planning and development. Many
scholars in this area agree that a shortfall of urban planning is due to the
difficulty of understanding migration systems in urban areas. Thus, urban
planners are obligated to understand spatial migration focusing in urban areas
in order to plan of what migration needs. This article attempts to discuss the
application of Multiplicative Component Model (MCM) for measuring the
migration systems in the Klang Valley region. For the analysis, only three
years (period) of migration data (life time migration) are used: years 1980,
1991, and 2000. Life migration data from the 2010 census is still not available.
From this application, it is shown that the MCM model has successfully
explained the trends and migration distribution in the Klang Valley especially
at the macro level.

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