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Type Journal Article - Himalayan Review
Title The Issue of Foreign Born Population in Nepal A Short Essay in Honor of Dr. Harka Gurung
Volume 38
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
Page numbers 23-34
URL http://www.nepjol.info/index.php/HR/article/viewFile/2015/1854..
This essay has two sections. The first section gives some introductory remarks on the
contributions of Dr. Harka Gurung in the field of population geography and identifies the
most common theme with which he is remembered for by most geographers and social
scientists in Nepal. The second section gives an account of immigration pattern in Nepal
presenting facts and raising issue on whether Nepal can continue to remain inactive without
regulating the flow of immigrants. The paper argues that there was a time when Nepal had
welcomed immigration from the south and now there is a need of regulate flow of both
internal and international migration in the country. Considering the growth of population
over the past five decades, unrelenting unemployment and underemployment, ethnic tensions
in potential recipient area, poor economic growth of the country, it is imperative to regulate
immigration. This spatial dimension is an area of population studies in Nepal for which Dr.
Gurung is better known. Therefore, this essay is regarded as a tribute to late Dr. Harka

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