Managing tourism and Islam in peninsular Malaysia

Type Journal Article - Tourism Management
Title Managing tourism and Islam in peninsular Malaysia
Volume 24
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2003
Page numbers 447-456
This paper is concerned with international tourism and the Islamic religion, using the example of Malaysia as a case study to
illustrate the problems and opportunities which arise when the two come into contact. Some general observations are made about
the difficulties of the relationship, and conflicts between religious practices and tourist demands are identified. The authorities in
Peninsular Malaysia, where Islam is central to everyday life for the dominant Malay Muslims, have responded differently to
resolving this dilemma. Contrasting actions at state, national and international levels are discussed, alongside the presentation of
Islam in official tourism marketing. The federal government is shown to place a high priority on meeting the needs of tourists while
certain states give precedence to the dictates of religion, and international initiatives seek to promote intra-Islamic travel. Insights
are thus offered into the management of tourism and Islam which may have a wider applicability beyond the particular
circumstances of the case.

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