Civil War and Pro-poor Tourism (Special Reference to the Sri Lankan Experiences)

Type Working Paper
Title Civil War and Pro-poor Tourism (Special Reference to the Sri Lankan Experiences)
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
The paper presents relationship between civil war and pro-poor tourism based on quantitative data and empirical evidences in Sri Lanka. According to the empirical evidences, Sri Lanka is most suitable to examine above mentioned relationship i.e. Sri Lanka has more than twenty five year experiences regarding pro-poor tourism in war situation. On the one hand, Sri Lankan civil war has collapsed the economy and created negative externalities. Conversely, end of the civil war, tourism plays a significant role in Sri Lankan economy. It is believed that there is a positive feasibility to develop pro-poor tourism in post-war environment. However, there is lack of empirical evidences in Sri Lanka regarding the relationships between pro-poor tourism and civil war. Therefore, the key objectives of this paper are (1) to evaluate relationship between civil war and tourism; and (2) to identify contribution of post-war economy for pro-poor tourism development. This study has revealed that tourism plays a predominant role in postwar period and pro-poor tourism can extend as a main event in the remote areas. Findings of this study alleged that Sri Lankan tourism did not entirely exploit its attributes. With regard to, research question or how to improve pro-poor tourism in post-war period?, result has concluded that there is a flexible relationship between tourism and civil-war. Therefore, we suggest that energetic process needs to develop the tourism in post-war economy. This study fulfills the knowledge gap and findings of the study exhort policy makers.

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