Industrial parks in Romania’s industrial towns. Present-day trends

Type Journal Article - EUROPA XXI
Title Industrial parks in Romania’s industrial towns. Present-day trends
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Page numbers 159-168
The “Industrial Parks” Programme elaborated by the Romanian Government
and implemented in 2002 was aimed at improving the business milieu by developing and
updating the physical infrastructure, and stimulate Romanian and foreign investment of
capital. The foundation of industrial parks relied on the use of the material resources
of former mammoth industrial estates, or of units belonging to the defense/military
industry (infrastructure, workshops, utilities) state property at the time. In this way, huge
estates with a poor infrastructure, of no interest to private investors, could be put to
account. The parks were set up in strategic industrial zones adjoining economic growth
towns with good links to the transport infrastructure. The aim was to shift industry from
centre to periphery. However, industrial parks are not a salvage solution for all declining
economic areas forcibly industrialised in the past, because whatever budgetary funds are
earmarked, it is crucial that these parks become attractive to investors.

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