Extreme Poverty and Social Exclusion in Romania

Type Report
Title Extreme Poverty and Social Exclusion in Romania
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2003
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Manuela_Stanculescu/publication/268221372_Summary_in_EN_of_the_​book_Srac_lipit_caut_alt_via!_Fenomenul_srciei_extreme_i_al_zonelor_srace_n_Romnia_2001/links/54660d​120cf2f5eb1801618a.pdf
This Summary Report presents a short version of a research project finalized with a more than 400-page book. The Summary is organized in two parts: the methodology and the main results. The findings presented are structured on two levels, (i) individual/ household and (ii) poor areas. At individual and household level we answered the questions concerning the persons in extreme poverty, the deprivations they face, the way they ended in extreme poverty and how they get on. At the level of the poor areas, the questions concerned the extent to which the poor areas attend to become ghetto-like, so that the present concentration of poor tends to associate with delinquency and with phenomena of social dissolution (divorces, child abandonment by the parents, domestic violence, and delinquency).

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