Pakistan: Country Development Landscape

Type Report
Title Pakistan: Country Development Landscape
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL Country Development Landscape.pdf
This Country Development Landscape (CDL) is an analytical input for the preparation of the
World Bank Group (WBG) Country Partnership Strategy (CPS). It assesses the country’s
most recent performance, and benchmarks it to regional peers and global comparators;
identifies the most critical development constraints and challenges; summarizes the
Government’s vision for the future and its FY 2014-18 development program; identifies some
of the most promising opportunities; and weighs their scenarios and trade-offs for
eliminating poverty and increasing shared prosperity in Pakistan.
This CDL benefits from most recent Bank’s analytical work for Pakistan. It follows the
interim guidelines for the new country Partnership Strategy—CPS—and includes findings
from the following major recent reports: (i) Poverty Assessment (FY 2012) and updates (FY
2013 and FY 2014); (ii) Private Sector Development Task Force (FY 2011); (iii) Investment
Climate Assessment (FY 2011) and Enterprise Survey (FY 2012); (iv) Country Economic
Memorandum on Job-enhancing Growth (FY 2013); (v) Policy Notes for new Government
(FY 2013); (vi) Doing Business Reports (annual); (viii) multiple provincial reports (including
Public Expenditure Reviews for Punjab and KPK and PEFAs for Punjab, KPK and Sindh);
(ix) several IFC studies; and (x) multiple regional flagship reports. However, the CDL is a
self-standing informative report.

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