Synthesis paper on the development of income security in Vietnam

Type Working Paper
Title Synthesis paper on the development of income security in Vietnam
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
In the process of Vietnam’s integration into the world economy and particular
Vietnam became the mamber of the Worth trade Organization (WTO), economic risks
will arise, people’s lives will be greatly affected, therefore, it is essential that social
policies be adjusted in response to growth trend and pace of modernization. Also, it is
recommended that impacts of current social security system be assessed and new
opportunities for the development of existing policies be examined. It is time Vietnam
invested in social security system which is modern and equitable. In a short period,
Vietnam should operate a modern and comprehensive social security mechanism to help
its people face with risks and avoid turning back to poverty.
Main goal of this report is to present general development history, assess real
situation and direct the trend for the Vietnamese income security. Its specific contents are
as follows:
- Analyzing real situation and responsive trend, based on that assessing the impacts of
this trend on the demand for social security in Vietnam.
- Presenting overview of social security system in Vietnam, including sphere of
influence, participants and beneficiaries and opportunity to enjoy benefits from income
security programs including allowance for children and households, unemployment
benefit, social and old-age pension (such as pension for the disabled and survivors from
accidents and natural disasters); financing and conditions to receive pension; guaranteed
finance and measures for managing social insurance allowance.

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