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Title Food Security Issues and Challenges: A Case Study of Potohar
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Food security is one of the biggest challenges being currently
faced by Pakistan. There is no second opinion that it is the
responsibility of the state to ensure food for its citizens, however due to
different reasons food for all is yet to be achieved in Pakistan. Food
security issues are high in KPK and FATA, although Punjab is
considered to be one of the most secure region with respect to Pakistan.
However, this proposed study highlights Potohar, northern region in
Punjab as one of the upcoming threats of food insecurity region. 12% of
Potohar districts population is food insecure, and another 38% at the
border line is a threatening indicator for the country. The rate of
growth has been increasing since 1951 in Potohar region as compared
to the growth rate of rest of country. The study concludes that
initiatives for promotion of small scale farming are mandatory for
achieving the sustainable living at the study area as well as ensuring
food security. In the end certain policy measures are mentioned that
can be helpful in achieving food security in the similar area

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