Parent’s cultural capital and its effects on children academic performance

Type Journal Article - Pak. J. Agriculture Science
Title Parent’s cultural capital and its effects on children academic performance
Volume 47
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Page numbers 157-161
Academic performance is the functioning of students at school. A high quality functioning leads to educational
success and contribute in rising the literacy rate of the country. Pakistan with a literacy rate of 52 percent is
ranked very lower globally. Pakistan is ranked at 136th position in global human development index. This study
has identified the role of cultural capital in the way of educational attainment. The main objective was to assess
the effects of cultural capital on academic performance of students. A cross sectional study was conducted in the
rural and urban areas of district Faisalabad and Lahore. A random sample of 600 students was taken to assess
the research objectives. Mother’s education, parent’s interest in the academic activities of their children, reading
activities of both parent and children were found highly significant in explaining dependent variable, which is
academic performance of children. It is suggested that a focus should be given on female education at
governmental level. Media campaigns should be launched to motivate parents regarding taking interest in their
children education. Emphasis on early child hood education by Government is also recommended so that the pre
requisites of schools can be learned and the cultural difference between home and school environment can be

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