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Type Journal Article - Centrepoint Journal (Science Edition)
Title Awareness and use of female condoms among young Nigerian women
Volume 17
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 157-163
URL http://www.unilorin.edu.ng/ejournals/index.php/science/article/viewFile/314/177
Aim: The study was conducted to assess level of awareness and use of female condoms
among young Nigerian women.
Methods: A total of 435 young and single Nigerian women (comprising 261 female
undergraduate students and 174 rural resident women) were recruited for this study. A
structured questionnaire was administered to all participating subjects.
Results. Awareness of the female condom was significantly higher among female
undergraduate students (93.7%) than rural resident women (5.2%) (OR=280.73, 95%CI
=121.15, 650.52; P=0.0001). No significant difference was observed in level of use of the
female condom between female undergraduate students (1.9%) and rural resident women
(0%) P = 0.1624.The media and friends were the most effective sources of information of
female condom among female undergraduate students and rural resident women
respectively. Preference for male condoms was given as reason for non use of the female
condoms among both groups studied. Rural women’s perception of the function of
female condoms was largely on the premise of prevention of pregnancy.
Conclusion: Female condom use among young and sexually active Nigerian women is
poor. Strong grassroot intervention, interpersonal communication and elimination of
inhibiting cultural and social beliefs are key to promoting increased female condom use
in Nigeria

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