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Type Journal Article
Title Tutor, Department Of Geography, Great Heights
Volume 1
Issue 8
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL http://www.researchjournali.com/pdf/1185.pdf
The paper examines the Impact of Migration on Housing Affordability in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT),
Abuja. Data was obtained through the administration of 510 questionnaires of which 491 was analyzed. The
questionnaires was complimented with Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Data collected were processed using
Epi/Info computer software for data entry and SPSS computer software for data analysis. Frequency
distributions tables, and cross tabulation were obtained and subjected to descriptive statistical analysis. The
) test was used to ascertain the relationship between monthly income and rent paid on
residential housing. The study reveals that 28.1 percent of respondents consider income as the most important
factor in the choice of residential housing in the FCT and 55.8 percent considers rent very high. Also, 32.0
percent of respondent consider high demand for residential housing as a reason for regular increase in rent in
the FCT. Most importantly, applying the 30 percent threshold which was adopted as indicator of housing
affordability for the study; about 61.1 percent of respondent of the FCT have housing affordability problem.
Therefore, all relevant stakeholders must make concerted effort to regulate the regular increase in rent and
make residential housing affordable.

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