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Type Journal Article - Health Science Journal
Title Using Peer Led Health Education Intervention to improve In-School Adolescents’ Cigarette Smoking Related Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour in a North West Nigeria State
Volume 8
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 485-494
URL http://www.hsj.gr/medicine/using-peer-led-health-education-intervention-to-improve-inschool-adolesce​nts-cigarette-smoking-related-knowledge-attitude-and-behaviour-in-a-north-west-nigeria-state.pdf
Cigarette smoking usually commences during
adolescence and continues into adult life. The aim
of the present study was to assess the effect of
peer-led intervention on cigarette smoking
knowledge, attitude and behaviour of in-school
adolescents’ in Sokoto metropolis, North-west,
Method and Material: This was a quasiexperimental
study, conducted in 3 stages using a
study and control group. A total of 114 students
each were selected into both groups by two-stage
sampling technique. Two peer led health
education interventions were administered to
respondents in the study group after which
questionnaires was administered to both groups.
Data was analysed using SPSS, all tests were
conducted in 2 tails, and level of significance was
In the study group, the proportion of respondents
with adequate cigarette smoking knowledge
increased from 75.4% to 97.2% (P=0.000), there
was a reduction in the proportion of respondents
who supported cigarette being sold to minors
(P=0.000), which was significant and there was an
increase in the proportion of respondents who
would leave a place where cigarette is being
smoked (P=0.000).
The peer-led intervention was effective at
improving respondents’ cigarette smoking related
knowledge, attitude and behaviour. A sustained
health education program should be set up in

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