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Type Working Paper - Institute for International Economic Policy Working Paper Series
Title Measurement of human recognition: A methodology with empirical applications in India and Kenya
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
URL https://www.gwu.edu/~iiep/assets/docs/papers/Castleman_IIEPWP2011-10.pdf
This paper develops and applies a methodology for measuring human recognition, which is defined as the acknowledgement provided to an individual by other individuals, groups, or organizations that he is of inherent value with intrinsic qualities in common with the recognizer. A framework is developed that organizes the sources of human recognition into various domains of an individual’s life. The framework is used to develop an index of indicators that measures human recognition received in each of the domains and combines these domain-specific measures into a single overall measure of human recognition received. Two empirical applications of the index are presented with cross-sectional survey data from India and Kenya. Exploratory factor analysis is used to generate measures of human recognition with the index, and the resulting measures are used in multivariate regression models of nutritional status. Results from both datasets provide evidence that human recognition is a significant, independent, positive determinant of nutritional status, controlling for socio-economic characteristics. The method and applications demonstrate how latent, intangible aspects of development such as human recognition can be measured and indicate that further empirical work on the determinants and effects of human recognition is both feasible and needed.

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