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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Economic Development Research and Investment
Title Value Chain Analysis of Sesame in Bade and Jakusko Local Government Areas of Yobe State, Nigeria
Volume 5
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 39-51
URL http://www.icidr.org/ijedri-vol5-no3-dec2014/Value Chain Analysis of Sesame in Bade and Jakusko​Local Government Areas of Yobe State-Nigeria.pdf
The study examines value chain of sesame production and marketing in
Yobe State, Nigeria. It specifically examined the socio-economic
characteristics of the sesame farmers; describe the sources of inputs,
characteristics and roles of value chain actors in sesame production and
marketing. Data for the study were obtained from a total of 210 respondents
using structured questionnaire and interview. Using descriptive statistics,
net margin and value added models; the results indicate that each actor
along the value chain incurred both variable and fixed costs. The results
further showed that labour alone accounted for bulk of the total variable
cost for all the actors. And the gross margin per hectare was N82,367.85
with the return on every naira invested amounting to N3.1. The State
Agricultural Development Programme should ensure the provision of
improved varieties of sesame especially those with high export value and
high oil content to the sesame farmers; this agency should also make available
cottage level processing and utilization technologies to sesame producers,
marketers and processors to enhance value addition as the commodity moves
along the chain. This can bring an increase in overall return of all actors
along the chain.

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