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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology
Title Intra-regional inequalities in the level of development in ikom local government area cross river state, Nigeria
Volume 1
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 38-49
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Samuel_Arokoyu2/publication/271507827_INTRA-REGIONAL_INEQUALITI​ES_IN_THE_LEVEL_OF_DEVELOPMENT_IN_IKOM_LOCAL_GOVERNMENT_AREA_CROSS_RIVER_STATE_NIGERIA/links/54c96e4​c0cf2807dcc26de84.pdf
This research focused on intra-regional inequalities in the level of development in Ikom Local
Government Area, using the wards as the basic unit of analysis. The aim was to determine the level of
variation in the spatial pattern of development, as well as identify the factors that influence and create
the conditions for the existing pattern of development in the study area. Ten indicators of health (2) and
educational (8) development were collected and analyzed. The analysis was done using the Gini-index
and the cluster analytical techniques. The results of the analysis revealed significant variation in the
distribution of the selected development indicators among the wards. Ikom Urban I, the political-urban
headquarters emerged among the privileged (developmentally advantaged) wards in all the selected
development indicators a1ongside Nde, Abayom and Akparabong. There were still marked variations in
the level of development among the wards. The findings revealed a significant relationship between
development indicators of the wards and population size. This research also highlighted the influence of
political factors on the level of development. While supporting development from below as a viable
strategy for reducing rural-urban imbalances within the region, we propose the creation of new centers
of development (growth nerves) objectively selected.

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