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Type Journal Article - The Philippine Statistician
Title Sampling with Probability Proportional to Aggregate Size using Nonparametric Bootstrap in Estimating Total Production Area of Top Cereals and Root Crops across Philippine Regions
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
URL http://www.philstat.org.ph/files/images/ootstrap_in_Estimating_Total_Production_Area.pdf
Cereal and root crop production are of primary interest to the
country’s agricultural industry. The need to obtain reliable estimates
of total area of production is therefore crucial. This paper examines
the Sampling with Probability Proportional to Aggregate Size (PPAS)
in terms of unbiasedness and precision of estimates as compared
to two known sampling designs, Simple Random Sampling without
Replacement (SRSWOR) and Sampling with Probability Proportional
to Size Without Replacement (PPSWOR).
Crop area, is used as auxiliary information. Estimates of total
production area are obtained at 1%, 5% and 10% sampling rates.
To be able to evaluate precision of PPAS estimates, nonparametric
bootstrap variance estimation is performed.
PPAS estimates are generally better than the two other sampling
designs when it comes to precision but almost at par when it comes
to unbiasedness

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