Fiji Fisheries Resources Profiles

Type Report
Title Fiji Fisheries Resources Profiles
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1994
The South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) was approached by the Fiji Fisheries Division,
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests to provide technical assistance in the compilation of a set
of Fisheries Resources Profiles. While no specific terms of reference were provided by the Ministry,
those used for the preparation of Profiles in other FFA member countries were followed:
• With assistance from national fisheries staff, examine all closed and current files pertaining
to fisheries resource matters in Fiji;
• Assess, collate and compile all written matter, data, etc., which provides information relating to
resource abundance, distribution, exploitation, etc., in Fiji;
• Review existing legislation controlling the exploitation of living fisheries and marine
resources in Fiji and advise on appropriate regulations for controlling the existing fisheries
for those resources currently not protected;
• Based on the information examined, produce a comprehensive set of resource profiles for the
fisheries and marine resources of Fiji.
The report was prepared before, during and after a three week visit of FFA’s Research Coordinator, Mr.
Andrew Richards to Fiji in October/November 1993. This report provides an overview of the fisheries
and marine resources identified as being of importance to the commercial, artisanal and subsistence
fisheries sectors in Fiji. The main purpose is to provide the basic information required to assess the
current levels of exploitation, and to identify the research and management requirements for future
The information for each fisheries and marine resource is divided into four main areas: a brief
description of the resource (the species present, their distribution, and the aspects of their biology and
ecology relevant to exploitation and management); an overview of the fishery (its utilisation, production
levels and marketing); the status of the stocks; and management concerns (research issues, the current
legislation and policies regarding exploitation, and recommended management options).
Preparation of the report was greatly facilitated by reference to previously prepared Fishery Resource
Profiles (Lewis, 1985a), and to Fiji Fisheries Division Annual Reports for the years 1985-1992. Tim
Adams provided useful comments on a draft of this report. The Fiji Fisheries Bibliography (McDowell
et al., 1993) was an invaluable source of information.
Funding for this report was provided by the International Centre for Ocean Development of Canada.
Opinions, where expressed, are those of the FFA Research Coordinator and in no way reflect the policy
of FFA or the Fiji Fisheries Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests.

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