A Review of Flooding in Macuata Province, Fiji Islands

Type Book
Title A Review of Flooding in Macuata Province, Fiji Islands
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2000
Publisher South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission
URL http://ict.sopac.org/VirLib/TR0328.pdf
Flooding of the Wainikoro and Bucaisau River valleys (Vanua Levu, Fiji) in April 2000 probably
reached the highest levels since at least 1950. The one-day rainfall at a site near Labasa was the
highest in 37 years of record. Damages were not exceptional by urban standards – only about F$3
million in financial losses. However, a loss of even $1000 of household contents or animals can
represent the loss of many years’ savings, and possibly, livelihoods. A number of options for
reducing future flood losses are explored: from ensuring the adequate capacity of floodgates, to
improving informal flood warning systems. Better floodplain mapping and recording of flood
histories is needed as a solid foundation for floodplain management. Efforts to educate flood-liable
communities should be promoted, because in the short-term at least, the isolated rural
communities north-east of Labasa will need to respond to flood threats with a degree of selfreliance.

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