An evaluation of a distance education course in technology education for teachers

Type Thesis or Dissertation - Magister Educationis
Title An evaluation of a distance education course in technology education for teachers
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2001
Technology being a new learning area, many teachers has not yet had the
opportunity to qualify themselves in this area, and technology teacher training is
therefore seen as a priority. It is also suggested that such training and re-training can
be addressed, most effectively, by means of in-service training programmes
(Ankiewicz, 1995:252; ORT-STEP, 1994:34,) and through distance education.
The South African College for Teacher Education (SACTE) is involved in the further
training of practicing teachers. At present, the College has some 19 000 students,
the majority of whom are practicing teachers upgrading their qualifications. The
mode of training is through the medium of distance education. Tutorial matter
consists of packages of interactive learning modules. Students are supported by
means of contact sessions, a tutoring service, audio/video material and telephonic
contact. Technology Education is not only new to teachers and learners, but also to teacher
training institutions. In support of Curriculum 2005 and the Technology 2005 Project,
SACTE introduced Technology Education as a course of study in 1998. An inservice
training programme was developed by SACTE, approved by HEDCOM and
recorded at SAQA. The existing support structures that are available for SACTE
students was used to ensure successful delivery of Technology Education as a
course of study to SACTE students.
As head of the Technology department at SACTE, it is the researcher's responsibility
to promote, implement, monitor and improve the Technology Education course that
has been developed for practicing teachers. The success of the Technology
Education course is dependent on the programme being appropriate, study material
being relevant and the necessary support structures being available to students, all
of which will, in turn, be greatly influenced by the circumstances the students find
themselves in as well as the resources available to them.

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