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Type Journal Article
Title Youth of South Africa: Comparing those in education, training and employment with those who are socially excluded
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
URL http://www.statistics.gov.hk/wsc/CPS205-P24-S.pdf
Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) and the Education Policy Unit (EPU) of
Witwatersrand University are collaborating on studying the interface between
education, training and work. As part of the programme, this paper compares the
youth of the country (aged 15-34 years, divided into four equal age groups), who are
socially excluded (they are not in education or training and they are not gainfully
employed – also known as NEET youth) with those who are not-NEET (those who are
in education or training, or gainfully employed). It uses the data of the General
Household Survey of July 2010 for this comparison. The logistic regression analysis
has led to some notable differences between NEET and non-NEET youth groups. The
previously disadvantaged under apartheid continue to be disadvantaged. Whilst
overall, NEET youth tend to be African, female, aged 20 -24 years and living informal
areas or in traditional rural areas, they are less likely to have access to services such as
reticulated water, safe sanitation and electricity. However, a change may be occurring
in the age category 15-19 years. In future, further analysis will be undertaken using
various Stats SA and other data sets to gain a better understanding of the links
between education, training and work.

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