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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Doctor of Philosophy
Title Ensuring sustainable development within a changing climate
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Climate change presents a new type of challenge for development. It is by now
widely acknowledged that climate-change impacts amplify existing unfavorable
conditions for developing countries (McCarthy et al. 2001). It is also acknowledged
that poor populations are more vulnerable and have less adaptive capacity to confront
such changes (Swart et al. 2003). Countries with a lack of resources, poor
infrastructure, and unstable institutions have little capacity to adapt and are highly
vulnerable (Smit and Pilifosova 2001). These factors are intrinsically linked with
those promoting sustainable development that aims to improve living conditions and
access to resources. Therefore, development planning and strategies have an
important role in strengthening the adaptive capacities of societies at various levels.

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