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Type Journal Article - European Journal of Business and Management
Title Tax Policy, Inflation and Unemployment in Nigeria (1970-2008)
Volume 5
Issue 15
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 114-129
URL http://pakacademicsearch.com/pdf-files/ech/517/114-129 Vol 5, No 15 (2013).pdf
This study is concerned with the use of tax policy in the management of a real-world economy, the Nigerian
Economy. It examines the attempts by successive Nigerian governments to use taxation to influence
macroeconomic aggregates, especially inflation and unemployment, and covers the period 1970 to 2008. It is
largely a secondary data study, focussing on the extent to which these variables responded to changes in
government’s tax measures. Data on these variables for the thirty-nine year period were analysed using both
descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. The Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method was used for the
estimations. The analysis shows that the historical trends in inflation and unemployment showed no significant
response to tax policy between the period 1970 and 2008. Periods of lower taxes recorded lower inflation rate in
some years and higher inflation rates in some years. Unemployment rates increased steadily in some years
whether taxes were raised or lowered. Government in some years lowered taxes amidst high inflation rates in the
economy. Taxes have a negative effect on the inflation rate in line with the theory, but with insignificant
coefficient. In the case of unemployment rate, the regression results show a negative relationship between tax
policy and unemployment, but with insignificant coefficient, which is contrary to the theory. The analysis shows
that tax policy was not effective in controlling inflation, and tackling unemployment problems in the economy
during the period of study largely because of inconsistency in the use of tax measures. It is recommended that
government apply tax measures much more carefully than was observed over the period studied.

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