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Type Journal Article - Meridian Middle School Computer Technologies Journal
Title Influences of gender on computer simulation outcomes
Volume 13
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
URL http://www.ncsu.edu/meridian/review/winter2010/lamb/
Classroom environments considered to be technology rich tend to show little difference between male and
female achievement outcomes in the science classroom. This study investigates the effects of internetbased
chemistry simulations viewed through the lens of gender in a high school chemistry classroom. This
study examines 201 students enrolled in a chemistry class nested in an urban high school setting. A
pretest, post test, quasi­experimental model was used to establish the change in student achievement
using gender as a predictor variable. The change in student achievement was examined using a two­way
repeated measure analysis of variance (F>0.01, p<0.5). Results suggest online simulation is an effective
intervention to address gender related outcomes difference in the science classroom. A continuation of
this trend would suggest that technology use and science education outcomes would eventually become
gender neutral.

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