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Type Journal Article - Procedia Economics and Finance
Title Analysing Skills, Education and Wages in Faisalabad: Implications for Labour Market
Volume 5
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 423-432
URL http://www.elixirpublishers.com/articles/1364388892_55A (2013) 13356-13361.pdf
This study discusses skills of workers, especially educational attainment and technical and vocational training capacity and its relationship with wages in district Faisalabad. The analysis highlights the need to promote technical and vocational skills and education of labour force through greater investment on training programs so that male and female productivity could be increased. Education and vocational training of female needs to be increased in order to increase labour force participation rate of women in the district. Furthermore, education reforms especially in technical and vocational education are necessary which needs to be closely linked to the requirements of the domestic industry, service and agriculture sector in the district.

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