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Type Journal Article - Sarhad J. Agric
Title Contribution of Pakistani Women in Agriculture: Productivity and Constraints
Volume 27
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 637-643
Most of the Less Developed Countries (LDC’s) rely on agriculture as an important component of the economy and a vigorous driver of growth. Pakistan is not an exception in this case as it is also an agro-based economy which largely depends on agriculture for national income and employment generation. The biggest portion of population is actively engaged either directly or indirectly in agriculture sector. Females overshadow men in many spheres of agricultural tasks in terms of their productive participation but usually their efforts go unrecognized at national level. The due recognition of their role is constraint by many factors but gender is on the top where she is subdued not by talent but by cultural basis of gender. This scenario is further aggravated by negligence on the part of the policy makers who did not attempted any gender segregated moves to recognize and promote women’s participation in agriculture, resultantly the country is deprived to fully benefit from the productive talents and efforts of women. This research attempts to highlight the pronounced but invisible hand of women in agriculture, and come up with the findings that deprive women to get access to productive resources and considerable livelihood earning. The research also suggest that to overcome this trend Pakistan has to develop women in agriculture on preferred basis in order to fulfil the increasing population food demands, and at the same time remain competitive globally in the present milieu.

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