Rural Workforce in Pakistan Forta de Munca din Zona Rurala în Pakistan

Type Journal Article - Lucrari Stiintifice Seria “Management, Inginerie Economica in Agricultura si Dezvoltare Rurala”
Title Rural Workforce in Pakistan Forta de Munca din Zona Rurala în Pakistan
Volume 8/2008
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Page numbers 25-29
The paper discuses the aspects of rural workforce in Pakistan. The major population of Pakistan lives in rural area and its economy largely dependent upon agriculture. Agricultural and allied industry with 43% of the total employed labour force in 2003-04 is the major contributor towards poverty alleviation. Currently Pakistan has the largest population of young people in its history, with approximately 25 million people between the ages of 15 and 24. This group will play a crucial role in the social, political, and economic development and stability of the country. The favorable end of the demographic transition provides an opportunity for raising economic growth and increasing prosperity. Country needs to capitalize on age group 5-16 by giving them quality education, both general and technical to meet demands of ever-changing labour market following the onslaught of new technologies. Technically well-equipped and energetic workforce can only be beneficial if congenial and competitive working environment exist in all sectors of the economy.

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