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Type Journal Article - Health Transition Review
Title Demographic transition and demographic imbalance in India
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1996
Page numbers 89-99
URL http://htc.anu.edu.au/pdfs/Bose1.pdf
In the coming decades, there will be growing demographic disparity in India and, like economic disparity, this should be a matter of serious concern for our planners and policy-makers. This demographic disparity leading to demographic imbalance may cause considerable social turbulence and may even pose a threat to political stability.Demographers must look far beyond demographic statistics and anticipate the consequences of demographic imbalance between different regions and states in India as well as between different religious communities, castes and tribes. Relevant data based on 1991 Census and National Family Health Survey (1992-93) are presented to highlight the ' North-South Demographic Divide'.

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