Prevalence of obesity in Indian women

Type Journal Article - Obesity reviews
Title Prevalence of obesity in Indian women
Volume 11
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Page numbers 105-108
Comparison of two major studies conducted by National family health survey (NFHS-2) in 1998–1999 and NFHS-3 in 2005–2006 shows that prevalence of obesity among Indian women has elevated from 10.6% to 12.6% (increased by 24.52%). The prevalence is more profound in the women of age between 40–49 years (23.7%), residing in cities (23.5%), having high qualification (23.8%), belonging to Sikh community (31.6%) and households in the highest wealth quintile (30.5%). Highest percentage of obese women is found in Punjab (29.9%). Although this number seems small in the international perspective, it is significant because of the sheer size of population in India. While the problem of under-nutrition still exists in many parts of India, the additional burden of obesity due to increasing sedentary lifestyle, junk food habits in some urban and economically sound areas is really alarming. Prevention and control of this serious problem through awareness programmes to adopt diversified nutritional food and healthy lifestyle are strongly recommended.

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