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Type Journal Article - Intercontinental Journal of Marketing Management
Title Agricultural Inputs (Adoption) of Wheat in Central Ethiopia
Volume 2
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://researchscripts.org/mar_2015/IJMM/20301506.pdf
The agricultural sector in Ethiopia is dominated by small-scale farming where different crops are cultivated. Among these, wheat predominates in Arsi Zone, Oromia region. Since last few decades, the demand for wheat is excessively exceeding local production and hence it is imported from abroad. In addition to improvement of indigenous practices of farmers, there have also been introduction of new agricultural technologies. In the adoption of new technologies in wheat production, there are natural and socio-economic deterrence. In Tena district of Aris, there are fluctuations in the adoption of agricultural inputs namely High Yield Wheat Varieties (HYWVs), DAP and Urea with continuous ascent from 1995/96 to 2000/01 followed by pronounced decline in 2002/3 in the case of HYWVs and Urea. Some of the problems were lack of adequate extension services and socio-economic challenges due to the new agricultural inputs and their technologies. Therefore, measures required to improve the accessibility of these inputs to the farmers and thereby boost wheat production and land productivity as much as possible.

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