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Title Examining health systems challenges and possible mitigation strategies in the face of an economic crisis in Swaziland
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Publisher Munich Personal RePEc Archive
URL https://core.ac.uk/download/files/153/6655081.pdf
Background: Evidence suggests that growth in a country’s Gross National Products does
improve life expectancy only when substantial funds are directed towards healthcare and
poverty eradication in society. The economic crisis currently faced by Swaziland has a potential
of impacting negatively on her healthcare system, hence the need for drawing-up mitigation
Purpose: To examine the healthcare system in the face of the economic crisis in Swaziland
with the aim of drawing-up appropriate socio-economic mitigation strategies in response to the
current challenges.
Approach: The exercise engaged a descriptive approach through a three-level conceptual
model that first examined the current health systems, leading to the analysis of possible health
implications. The last phase involved drawing-up appropriate socio-economic mitigation
Health challenges and implications: The Ministry of Health in Swaziland is already struggling
to make significant strides in implementing key projects through her primary healthcare
strategies as enshrined in the National Health policy of 2007. Of paramount importance is the
impact on the comprehensive implementation of her annual action plan and the national health
sector strategic plan (2008 -2013). Envisaged implications include the current threat on the
capacity surrounding the management of HIVAIDS in the country.
Conclusion (mitigation strategies): There is a strong need for the government of Swaziland
and the Ministry of Health to act decisively in ensuring that health financing policies are
reviewed and re-strategized to mitigate the economic impact on critical services within the

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