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Type Journal Article - Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences
Title Supporting Teachers to Implement Inclusive Education in the Kwaluseni District, Swaziland
Volume 5
Issue 27
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 513-521
URL http://www.mcser.org/journal/index.php/mjss/article/download/5109/4932
This paper sought to explore ways in which teachers can be supported to implement inclusive education at a primary school in
the Kwaluseni district of Swaziland. The government of Swaziland introduced Free Primary Education ( F.P.E) also called
mainstreaming. As per governments order, parents brought their learners for grade 1 and that was in 2010 January. That
marked the beginning of the problem as teachers were not used to teaching disadvantaged learners in their classes but
believed that such learners have to be transferred to specials schools of which the country only has four. The study is a case
study using a qualitative approach. Purposive sampling was used in choosing the sample. The key informants were teachers
from Kwaluseni. For data collection a designed interview with semi structured and open ended questions was used. Data was
analysed using codes and there was a search for patterns of thinking or behaviour, words or phrases that appeared with
regularity was the coding categories. A report was then written based on the findings. Then recommendations were stated.

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