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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master of science in environmental resources management
Title Policy integration and stakeholder participation for sustainable development: a case of the environment management act (ema) of 2002 in Swaziland
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sabelo_Dlamini2/publication/235459030_POLICY_INTEGRATION_AND_ST​AKEHOLDER_PARTICIPATION_FOR_SUSTAINABLE_DEVELOPMENT_A_CASE_OF_THE_ENVIRONMENT_MANAGEMENT_ACT_(EMA)_O​F_2002_IN_SWAZILAND/links/02bfe511ba1d3a1113000000.pdf
Environmental Policy Integration remains vague and elusive in issues of sustainable
development . This study assessed the EMA of 2002 to establish whether there was any
integration between stakeholders and if it was well integrated with other policies in
Swaziland. The study also worked to establish whether there was effective participation
of key stakeholders from policy formulation to actual programme/project
implementation. Policies, EIA documents and reports were reviewed. Hundred
households were selected for interview. Checklists were used to assess the vertical and
horizontal integration of the EMA of 2002 in Swaziland. Key informants included the
SEA, SWADE and heads of households at LUSIP project site. Checklists were used to
compare results to what was on the checklists. Results show that the EMA of 2002 is not
well integrated vertically and horizontally. Stakeholders did not have capacity to
participate effectively. There is no budget allocated for EPI , yet this is crucial for
achieving sustainable development. The EPI process in Swaziland contradicts with the
aspirations of sustainable development by failing to incorporate its important principles
of public participation especially during the policy/programme planning and
implementation. The EMA of 2002 as a framework for environmental policy integration
still needs to be operationalized and incorporated by a wider sector of policy makers.

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