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Type Journal Article - JOUR. OF NAT. RESOUR. & ENVIRON. STU
Title Mesquite Risk Mapping and Assessment in Tokar Delta-Eastern Sudan
Volume 3
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 9-13
URL http://researchpub.org/journal/jonares/number/vol3-no1/vol3-no1-2.pdf
Tokar Delta is a name given to a small delta of approximately
161,000 hectares situated in the southern area of the Red Sea in
Eastern Sudan. Beginning of 1980, mesquite species (Prosopis
chilensis & Prosopis juliflora) were introduced to Tokar area to
be planted as a shelterbelt for the city Tokar, but after while; it
spread out to the delta area and became an invasive plant to the
agricultural lands and along Khor Barak banks. Nowadays
mesquite covers more than half of the delta area, decreased the
cultivable land in the delta and created risk to the environment
and livelihood of the people in the area. Therefore, this research
study was an attempt to map and assess mesquite risk in the
Tokar Delta and further provide guidance for possible solutions,
control and management. The tools and methods used for the
study were different multi-temporal satellite imagery, ground
field survey and risk assessment models. The results showed that
mesquite has increased by more than 50% during the period
1989-2001, while the expansion was about 10% during 2001-
2013. Moreover, the assessment indicated that mesquite risk has
many aspects ranging from management to environment and

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