Journal of The Japanese and International Economies

Type Journal Article - J. Japanese Int. Economies
Title Journal of The Japanese and International Economies
Volume 26
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 285-307
Haidar, Jamal Ibrahim—The impact of business regulatory reforms on economic growth
I investigate the link between business regulatory reforms and economic growth in 172 countries. I create a 5 year dataset on business regulatory reforms from the World Bank’s Doing Business reports. Then, I test the hypothesis that business regulatory reforms increase economic growth, using data on micro-economic reforms. These data do not suffer the endogeneity issues associated with other datasets on changes in economic institutions. The results provide a robust support for the claim that business regulatory reforms are good for economic growth. The paper establishes that, on average, each business regulatory reform is associated with a 0.15% increase in growth rate of GDP. J. Japanese Int. Economies 26 (3) (2012) 285–307. The World Bank, Washington, DC, United States; Paris School of Economics, Paris, France; University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris, France.

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