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Type Report
Title The Effect of Pre-School Education on Academic Achievement in Indonesia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://lp3e.fe.unpad.ac.id/wopeds/201505.pdf
This study analyzed the effect of Early Childhood Education on Academic
Achievement in Indonesia. This study used kindergarten education and National Test Score
of Indonesian Language and Math as the main subject of research. This study obtained the
sample from Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS) 2007. The econometric method, that this
study used, was Ordinary Least Square (OLS). This study presented the estimation based on
school level, primary and secondary. This study founded that kindergarten education
(formal Early Childhood Education) affected National Test Score of Indonesian Language
and Math significantly if other factors did not add in the regression. This finding caused the
effect of kindergarten education to National Test Score became not valid or biased. The
problems like high cost of early childhood education and lack of teacher could be the reason
why the effect of early childhood education was not maximal. This problems can be the the
next subject of research about early childhood education.

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