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Type Working Paper - UNU-MERIT Working Papers
Title Assessment of science and technology indicators in Sudan
Issue 062
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
URL http://collections.unu.edu/eserv/UNU:242/wp2010-062.pdf
This paper employs both the descriptive and comparative approaches and uses the
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s definition of Science and
Technology (S&T) indicators (OECD, 1997) to discuss S&T development in Sudan.
We find that the low level and the insufficient financial and human resources devoted
to S&T development together with inadequate economic structures mean that Sudan
lags behind the leading developing countries in terms of S&T input-output indicators.
We find that the insufficient financial and human resources hampered the potential
role of R&D to contribute toward economic development, adaptation to imported
technologies and development of local technologies in Sudan.

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