Contribution Of Wood Products To Household And State Economies. A Case Study Of Sennar State. Sudan

Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master on Forestry Science
Title Contribution Of Wood Products To Household And State Economies. A Case Study Of Sennar State. Sudan
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
This research was conducted to emphasize the contribution of forest wood
products to household and state economies of Sennar State. The specific
objectives were (1) to identify, categorize and quantify wood product (2) to
highlight influence of household characteristics on consumption rate of energy
and construction wood, and (3) to estimate annual households spending on, and
annual income accruing to wood traders and government from marketing of
wood products. The research addressed households, traders of wood products
and government sawmills. Primary data was collected by using questionnaires
and market survey while secondary data was collected from office documents.
The field work was carried out during 2010 in Singa, Elsouki and Abuhojar
Total sample sizes of 400 households, 25 traders and two public sawmills were
used. Samples of households were distributed between localities and villages
relative to their populations. Descriptive statistics, t-test and analysis of
variance were applied for analysis of the data. The results indicated the high
dependency of households on wood products in energy use where 95.0% and
93.7% of households depends on firewood and charcoal, respectively. Wood
building materials are widely used in the three localities.
The results show that there are significant differences in mean quantities of
wood collected per day between the three localities. Unlike firewood, demand
for charcoal and building materials is met by direct market purchases. Results
reveal that marketing of wood products for energy and construction wood is
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widespread flourishing and profitable business with apparent contribution to
household and state economy. Annual institutional income from consumer
goods wood products amounted to a total of about SDG 1,123,100.0.
Households’ annual expenditures on wood energy and building materials as
consumer goods for Sennar State in 2010 were estimated as SD.G.
351,390,737.4 And 53,371,090.7, respectively

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