Sudan Social Safety Net Assessment

Type Book
Title Sudan Social Safety Net Assessment
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Publisher The World Bank
The Sudanese population has suffered from years of conflict, and deep-seated security
issues have severely hampered Sudan’s long-term economic stability and social
development. As a consequence, Sudan is struggling to meet its MDGs. Since the secession
of South Sudan, Sudan has lost a considerable part of its oil production and fiscal revenues.
At the same time, the Government recognizes social safety nets as important instruments
for reducing poverty. This report provides an analysis of the state of social safety nets in
Sudan which shows that Sudan’s existing safety net programs are limited in coverage, lack
coordination, as well as monitoring and evaluation. The report suggests (i) reallocation of
savings from the fuel subsidy reform to targeted pro-poor safety net programs; (ii)
strengthening of the existing safety net through monitoring the outcomes, strong controls
and social accountability, and a culture of evaluation, and (iii) development of a coherent
National Social Protection Policy.

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