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Type Journal Article - Journal des Sciences de l’Environnement
Title Caractérisation de la Dynamique Spatio-temporelle de L’occupation des Terres dans le Complexe des Forêts de Classées de Dan Kada Dodo - Dan Gado (Région de Maradi, Niger)
Volume 1
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 16-26
This study aims to characterize the spatio-temporal, between 1975 and 2010, faced by the complex of Dan Kada Dodo - Dan Gado classified forests located at the central – west zone of Niger Republic because of the aridity of the local climate and the various pressures in the natural resources use. A diachronic analysis of land use based on interpretation and superposition of Landsat was performed. It already shows in 1975 some signs of human impacts on protected areas characterized by the occupation of cultivated lands and fallows which represented 19.3% to 73.4% in 2010 of the forest areas. The diachronic analysis of land cover between 1975 and 2010 shows a reduction in natural formations with an average annual rate of -9.8% and -2.7% respectively for the steppe of Sclerocarya birrea and shrub-steppe of Combretum micranthum. The appearance of degraded areas in 1994 continued with an average annual expansion rate of 17.5% between 1994 and 2010 in the study forest. The transition matrix shows that between 1975 and 2010 the most significant regressions concern the tree-steppes and shrub-steppes that have been transformed respectively to 42.1% and 7.9% at the benefits of cultivated areas and fallows.

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