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Type Journal Article - Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
Title Breast Cancer Diagnosis from Screening in Trinidad and Tobago: Opportunities for Cancer Prevention
URL https://apha.confex.com/apha/142am/webprogram/Handout/id2860/Handout--Panel Discussion_315728.pdf
Trinidad and Tobago (TT) experiences the
highest breast cancer mortality in the Caribbean; the distribution
of traditional breast cancer risk factors in this population
has not been analyzed. Data on women who underwent
breast cancer screening at the TT Cancer Society between
January 2009–December 2011(N = 2,689) were retrospectively
collected. The screening detected 131 incident breast
cancers; variables significantly associated with breast cancer
diagnosis were, a positive family history of breast cancer
(adjusted odds ratio [ORadj]: 1.55; 95 % CI 1.00–2.41),
presence of symptoms (ORadj: 1.91; 95 % CI 1.25–2.92),
and previous breast surgery (ORadj: 1.67; 95 % CI
0.97–2.88). Breast cancer was significantly associated with
increased breast density. Among healthy women, breast
density was positively associated with nulliparity (ORadj:
1.46, 1.37, 2.52 respectively for density level 2, 3 and 4 vs. 1)
and previous breast surgeries (ORadj: 2.27, 3.09 and 4.13
respectively for density level 2, 3 and 4 vs. 1). This analysis
confirms that breast density is an important predictor of
newly diagnosed breast cancer in this Caribbean population.
Screening is still a diagnostic tool rather than a preventive
measure in TT.

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