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Type Journal Article - Disasters
Title Social and Ecological Aspects of Resettlement and Villagization among the Konso of Southwestern Ethiopia
Volume 14
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
Page numbers 309-321
URL http://www.cabdirect.org/abstracts/19916710367.html
This is a study of the changing settlement and land use patterns of the Konso in three peasant associations in southwestern Ethiopia and an evaluation of their attitudes toward government-sponsored villagization in the lowlands. Over the years, the Konso have moved spontaneously from the overpopulated highlands toward lower elevations and have recently begun to cultivate on the Yanda plain, but without settling there. Fear of tropical diseases, armed conflict with pastoralists and the Konso perception of lowland living continue to be powerful deterrents to settlement in the lowlands. Major objectives of the government villagization programme are unlikely to be achieved in the Konso area and may instead lead to disaster unless this programme is drastically revised to provide suitable conditions for resettlement and to meet the specific needs of the population.

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