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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Practicum in Evaluation Techniques
Title Rural Education in Palau: A Second Look at Tobi Elementary School
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2002
URL http://www.friendsoftobi.org/misc/research/hoseiruraleducationpalau2002.pdf
In the search for answers as to the essence of quality education and
equity in learning in Palau rural schools, I chose to conduct my study on Tobi1
Elementary School. As a person of Hatohobei2
, I have a vested interest in the
issues surrounding the school; it is one of Palau’s rural public elementary
schools. The question that this study attempts to answer was well put by Hezel
(2000) when he stated, “WHAT SHOULD OUR SCHOOL BE DOING?”3
study is a survey research to look at the perceived importance of a school on
Hatohobei. In my search for studies on issues related to Tobi Elementary
School, I was unable to find any studies in existence, therefore, this is the first
study ever conducted to examine the perceived importance of having a public
elementary school on the island.

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