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Type Working Paper
Title The impact of a home-visiting Early Childhood intervention in the Caribbean on cognitive and socio-emotional child development
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
URL http://www.pegnet.ifw-kiel.de/members/janssens.pdf
This paper provides an impact evaluation of a home-visiting Early Child Development (ECD)
program in St Lucia, the Caribbean. Abundant evidence shows that child development in the
early years of life lays the foundation for future life outcomes. Children who grow up in
disadvantaged circumstances are especially at risk of developmental delays. However,
evidence from developing countries on the impact of home-based ECD interventions in
contrast to center-based programs is scarce. The analysis is based on a quasi-experimental
longitudinal research study. The dataset includes approximately four hundred children, half of
whom live in treatment communities and the other half in comparable, matched control
communities. The econometric analysis consists of a differences-in-differences estimation of
average intention-to-treat effects. One year after implementation, the program has had a
significant and sizeable effect on the cognitive development of the younger age cohort, but
not the older children. We do not find program effects on socio-emotional development.
Within selected communities, all children are eligible for the program. The study identifies a
number of risk factors, in particular poverty and low maternal education, which are strongly
correlated with low developmental outcomes. This calls for improved targeting to reach
especially the most vulnerable children.

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