Artificial Peninsulas and Pseudo-Islands of Croatia

Type Journal Article - Annales, Ser hist. et sociol
Title Artificial Peninsulas and Pseudo-Islands of Croatia
Volume 24
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 113-128
The paper discusses the artifi cial peninsulas and pseudo-islands of Croatia, i.e. technically bridged islands, which
are linked to the neighbouring mainland or a larger island by means of a dike, bridge or both dike and bridge. Whereas
artifi cial peninsulas are entirely incorporated into the mainland by means of dikes, pseudo-islands are connected
to the mainland via bridges, thus losing some of their insular characteristics, particularly in terms of their functional
link to the mainland.
Croatian bridged islands played a vital role in the past as in times of war they represented refuges or places
of permanent settlement. Nowadays, in times of marked littoralisation, these islands have experienced a dramatic
change in function and physical appearance, mostly due to their transport connections with the mainland, which
has naturally resulted in their inclusion in the tourist valorisation of natural and cultural heritage. On the one hand,
this has contributed to the slowing down of the depopulation process, which is a basic social characteristic of most
Croatian islands, but on the other hand, it has led to the spontaneous, uncoordinated, excessive building of apartments
and other constructions which in size and shape have ruined the authentic cultural appearance of the islands

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